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Audrey and Kelly

Super excited to be able to support you both with your businesses. 

I made some notes for our call Audrey and wanted to summarise here so we have a framework before we begin to work together next week.

  1. Female Athletes Academy - sold in bulk to organisations through Kajabi - Grow this to market to more organisations that we don't already know and perfect the Kajabi funnel to work organically as well as through paid traffic. Use mailings to bring in new organisations - create brochures and literature to send and organise this.
  2. @simplybee - Public Speaking (schools, private events, mental health/performance) - Grow this business so Audrey can demand higher paying appearance fees.
  3. Social Media organic and paid - for all businesses to increase awareness and reach.

Jodee (strategy), Philippa (social) and Nichola (implementation) will support Kelly and Audrey to grow these businesses and create an initial plan to focus efforts strategically. We will meet for 30 minutes each week on Zoom to discuss what we're working on and how we can support each other to maximise effectiveness.

We work with a graphic designer in the States called Matt Olson who you may choose to work with or you can use 99 designs as planned. Here's some examples of his work - Click to Visit Matt's Portfolio and Click here to view his Neverland Project

Jodee's background is PR and Business Developement, she trained in website design in 2005 and has been building online businesses ever since. She brings a strong marketing ethos to her business building and is well equipped to support all the different aspects of your businesses.