Totally Fabulous Passive Income Challenge

8 week programme starting 9th October 2018.

To truly thrive as a heart-centred entrepreneur you need a passive income stream - let's build one together!

Creating an automated sales funnel is super important because you have only so many hours in a day - so impacting millions is simply not going to happen until your sales funnels are DONE... right?

But finding the time to actually write those funnels? Near impossible. After googling “how to” for 20th time, you’re ready to throw your computer out of the window. You’re overwhelmed by just thinking about sales funnels, let alone actually building them!

Well - NOT ANYMORE. Jodee is flying in to the rescue!
Join the most conceptually and implementationally fabulous passive income challenge ever!

We’re talking DOING not note-taking......

We’re talking creating a new passive income stream from start to finish that will bring you income for years to come (whether you’re asleep or on holiday). We’re talking understanding, identifying, creating, researching, writing, building, testing, launching and flying!

This is a no nonsense challenge - you WILL be launching a new income stream at the end of this process with Jodee. You are not on pause during this challenge. You are jogging up to the start line and we‘re all waiting to start sprinting alongside you.

What exact challenge awesomeness you’ll be tapping into -

This is an 8-week high energy implementation challenge within an exclusive Facebook group where I will be providing weekly coaching calls with q&a’s and homework for you to action and share in the group for feedback from Jodee and your peers. 

Jodee will help you to identify your topic using the poll feature in the group, review your sales page, review your Facebook advert and when you “buddy up” with a fellow challenger in the second half of the challenge you will be reviewing and testing your sign up process and course delivery together.

Bonuses -

The Facebook group is absolute gold! But we’re not stopping there! If you sign up to this challenge you’ll receive these fantastic bonuses to boost your challenge experience and impact.

Screenshare Videos - to take you step by step through the technical how to’s so you don’t have to google how to implement anything - Value £47.

7 Totally Fabulous Worksheets to guide and structure your preparation for the perfect passive income funnel - Value £297

Perfect Welcome Email Series Templates - Value £47

Visibility and Grow your Tribe Challenge - don’t worry if you don’t have a tribe yet because you will grow your tribe in my week-day Facebook live challenge and you will be held accountable. You’ll be recording 40 live streams over the duration of the course which will not only help you grow your visibility and your tribe but it will also help you hone your message and your confidence and it will create soooo much content that you can repurpose for future passive income streams! Value £297.

How much investment in your business are you going to need to make? 
All offered to you my lovely for just £247!!
How we will work together for the next 8 weeks - 

Preparation Week 1

Implementation - 

What’s your super power?

Testimonial requests using Jodee’s fabulous formula

Ideal Client journalling exercise

Create your FB page and set up business Facebook

Decide where your passive income products will live - do you have a website already?

Choose Your Topic Week 2

Coaching call topics - 

Introduction to the Challenge. What is Passive Income? Understanding your client’s language is different from your own.

Implementation - 

Creating a short list of passive income topics from your journal work - polling in the group for feedback

Writing your blog article once the topic is confirmed - feedback in the group.

Your Sales Funnel Design Week 3

Coaching Call topics - 

How to advertise your blog on FB. Facebook pixels and audiences. Facebook campaigns, ad sets and adverts, and targeting.

Implementation - 

Create your cold traffic audience in FB audience insights. 
Create your FB blog audience for data capture. 
Design your fb advert to blog and launch. 
Write your passive income content plan.

Copywriting your products and creating your funnel Weeks 4 & 5

Coaching call topics - 

How to splinter a freebie from your passive income topic. How to brand and then write your freebie and passive income products. Creating your funnel automation.

Implementation -

Creating a short list of your freebie options - polling in the group for feedback.
Design and write your freebie and passive income products.
Build your funnel.

Buddy Up Week 6

Coaching call topics -

Your perfect welcome email series - why and how? 

Implementation - 

Write your perfect welcome email series and create/choose your 3 gifts.

Sales Funnel Build Week 7

Coaching call topic -

Bringing everything together, reviewing everything we’ve built and how it fits together.

Implementation - 

Build everything to link to together in the funnel using Mailchimp with one email sequence.

Sales Funnel Testing & Launch Week 8

Coaching call topic - 

Launch call - plus what to do after launch - creating an email sequence for those who sign up to the freebie and not the passive income product.

Implementation - 

Final testing amendments.
Launch to FB audiences and FB page and list. 

Wowsers! How epic is this schedule! I've just re-read it and even I am blown away! It's going to change your biz in 8 weeks - I absolutely guarantee that!

So my lovely let’s get this done - together!! 

Just £247

for 8 weeks of Jodee-energy, Jodee-know-how and a totally fabulous peer group to share your journey.

Aaaaaaand I’m throwing in my amazing bonuses worth an extra £688 totally free of charge because I love you so xx


Here's one of my gorgeous members who has loved the Passive Income programme -

"I've been aiming towards an online business for a number of years and have dabbled in numerous programmes and online courses, however haven't yet manage to get the results I want.  I love Jodee’s attitude and approach and when I saw she was offering a passive income challenge knew it would help me, I wanted to focus on one thing and do it well and with Jodee involved I knew I would be kept on the straight and narrow and get it done.  I was committed to following every step and completing all the homework.  

I love Jodee’s approach because it's from the heart and focused on the client and making sure it's what they need, which is something we can forget when getting caught up in our offering. 

I was certainly getting frustrated and felt a little stuck.  I had reached a turning point, having moved from the Midlands to Exmouth in February I've now met someone and fallen in love. All of a sudden I am living where I wanted to live and have found love which has resulted in a change to my focus and the way I vision my future.  My work has greater meaning now I want to provide for my family, Ie always had a strong desire to help others which is why I set my business up, however all of a sudden by having a strong business model it will help me even more.

My goal working with Jodee was to start to create a clearer approach to my passive income offering, so that I can develop a sales funnel which will help my clients in an affordable way.  

There were points during the passive income challenge where I lost hope and felt frustrated, however Jodee and the group were very supportive.  I enjoyed having others to engage with and helping the other members of the group too.

I now feel like I have a clear strategy which I can follow again and I'm really pleased with the product I created.  The work continues as I'm now looking at how I can increase my conversion however I'm confident that with time and patience I have a strong offering which will pay dividends.

I would highly recommend Jodee, she's easy to work with and knows what she's talking about.  Her attitude and passion for helping people create their business is so refreshing.  The best thing for the purposes of the passive income challenge is her ability to adapt to each participant with total support and to keep everyone on track.  I feel I can replicate what I've learned and I have an approach which I know will help many people during the years ahead."

Emma Hadley - Totesfab Member and Passive Income Member