Hi! I'm Sarah and can help you take your style to the next level

It is my passion to help you define & understand your true style. 


We will focus on some practical exercises that will pull out key clues to your style. Building on these clues will help us to define your true Style Personality.

Of course, we evolve, so this is not a science that stays the same - more an art we can create to reflect our true selves at any stage in life.


Why Style? What does your wardrobe say about you?

We all have classic pieces we love, that we rely on, that never let us down. Our go-to items of clothing that make us feel good, attractive, comfortable and confident. Imagine how you’d feel if every item in your wardrobe had the same effect. How we dress defines how others see us, but it also communicates how we see ourselves.

Confidence complements every trend, you can wear it to any occasion and with any outfit.
 Let me make you feel fabulous - have a look at my workshop offerings and see what resonates with you…

Mini Wardrobe Detox

Can you close your wardrobe door? Is it bursting with clothes you never wear? Or do you waste your mornings working out what fits and what items go together?

A detox by definition is to cleanse yourself…..and your clothing is no exception. We keep more than clothes in our wardrobe… we hoard emotions in there as well.

We are limited only by how much of your wardrobe you can bring along! 

With my professional eye, I’ll review what works together and what flatters your figure. We’ll match outfits you can just grab & go, saving you hours of time and precious minutes every morning.

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How many times have you read in a magazine article that certain garments should not be worn over a certain age?

Or perhaps you’ve walked into the clothing shops, been so overwhelmed at the choice and promptly walked out again?

Restrictions on one hand and sheer overwhelm on the other causes nothing but confusion.

My aim is to take away that confusion.

Have you ever bought something and later thought “I don’t know why I bought that, I don’t feel right in it” ?

Or maybe, “I bought this top because it was in the sale but I’ve never worn it”? 

This could be because you were not shopping for the real YOU. Perhaps you read that it was the season’s must have, or it was bought on a whim or even you maybe were persuaded to buy it by a friend.

But, you know what? Unless we dress for our true authentic self, we will never be comfortable with our style.

Colour me Confident

Would you like to wear more colour but are scared to venture outside of your comfort shades? This is totally normal.

Do you look around the stores wishing that you knew if you could wear any of the sea of colours on offer?

Then, opting for an old friend to be on the safe side.

This is also totally normal! Colour is very powerful and when we get it right, we feel and look amazing. I’ll bring along my colour fabrics and we can delve into a world of colours to see what best suits you.

Make-Up Workshop

I don’t know about you but I grew up knowing nothing about how to wear makeup - my mum didn’t wear it so couldn’t teach me and it wasn’t on the school timetable!

So, I was in my early 30s when I properly learnt about make-up, about how to apply, what to apply and where to put it!

So, if it’s eye liner you want to know about or finding your perfect lippy, then this workshop is going to be for you.

You will be welcome to bring your own make-up and I will have a prestige brand to hand too. One that is safe for your skin.


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