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Jodee has honed her expertise over the past 14 years and specialises particularly in helping heart-centred entrepreneurs share their message and balance income generation with serving their community. Coaching them through their online business build from idea to launch.

She began building online businesses in 2005 and enjoys working in Kajabi, Wordpress and Joomla to help her clients launch their beautiful online businesses.


Ready to get focussed and invest time and money to build your business?


Let's build your business together from idea through to launch. Full hand-holding with coaching and implementation.


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Working with Jodee has been Totally Fabulous on many levels.

Jodee has a support strategy for whatever stage you are in your business and for whatever level of help you need.

I chose to go with the full management package because my knowledge of running an online academy was limited and I needed the extra help that having it done for me would bring.

Working with Jodee has been an education for me, in terms of learning the rudimentals of running an online business and understanding the language that comes with it. Having the expert advice and support to set up and run successful Facebook Ad campaigns has been a good return on investment and I feel much more equipped to take things forward with confidence.

Above all, I have connected well with Jodee and our working relationship is what makes everything work so well. She is knowledgeable, patient, kind, flexible, adaptable, clever and very understanding of where I'm coming from. 

I appreciate all that comes with the whole package - it has been one of the best investments I've made in my business.

Michele Armstrong

Interested in the investment needed to work with Jodee?

Before you jump on a call with me it's good to know how much my services are so you can be sure you're ready to get started. Remember I'm super flexible so we can work to suit your budget and timeframe, and create a package just for you.

Business Growth Retainer



Strategy time with Jodee

plus implementation time

Weekly calls on Zoom

Perfect for FB Ads

Ongoing support

Daily Accountability

Trello project management


This is a retainer programme

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Full Business Build


Upfront or Payment plan available

Full Business Build entails:

Online Business Coaching - weekly calls with Jodee
Messaging and Audience
Branding to attract & repel
Sales Funnel Strategy
Website build
Automation set-up
Strategy and Implementation
Coaching and Build

This is a five month "Done with You" programme

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Grow Your Business - Grow Your Brand



Access to my full team with weekly calls and focus on your business and brand growth 

Jodee - business strategy, funnel testing, launching and paid traffic

Jack - video and podcast editing and graphic design 

Philippa - organic social media and brand awareness

Savannah - website design

Nichola - content admin


This is a retainer programme.

Book a Call to Chat

What is typically involved in a monthly retainer with Jodee?

I like to work alongside my clients like a business partner and I’ll be holding your business in my head, coming up with ideas and marketing initiatives constantly, I’m not a “paid by the hour” kind of person. My team and I provide build, marketing and strategic support. I offer a monthly retainer package for as long as you need it - I have clients who have one month and others who stay with me for a year or more as needed. 
I would firstly perform a full audit of your site and make sure not only that everything is flowing beautifully but also that the user journey supports both the passive income and one to one sides of your business. 
I will be asking you to do regular (preferably several times a week if not daily) Facebook lives of between 5-7 minutes long to help me accumulate a healthy fb live audience, I also need you active on Instagram. I will review all of your social media activity and audit the most engaged and successful campaigns to date to see what we can learn from them.
I will be using a Milanote board to support our work together and will add worksheets and requests for info in there each week, we will accumulate lots of lists and cards so Ill try to archive as regularly as possible so we don’t end up overwhelmed with historical stuff. Milanote is useful as it will notify us when we are mentioned in a card and we can set due dates and checklists and add attachments to keep the project running smoothly.
I’ll need you to provide a detailed list of competitors and complementary businesses and their fb pages so I can create lots of fb audiences in addition to the video viewers audience we’ll grow as a result of your fb lives. I will then create lots of different campaigns using a testing process that Ive refined, 3.5 days testing with 10 ad sets at $5 per days = $175 for each testing campaign so we can run as many of these as you want to budget for each month so that we begin to understand your tribe and what resonates with them the most. In the beginning I’ll be aiming for 100 optins and to see what our stats are for those, how many optins, how many paid conversions, how much per lead etc etc and then I’ll help you refine your funnels in order to convert more efficiently and our fb campaigns will eventually be tested from ad through optin to upsets and we’ll have lots of data for everything so we can make good decisions when we’re ready to scale.
I also offer a monthly retainer for Business Growth clients which is just £1,500 per month and we will have weekly calls during the month when we need to come together to discuss the project and in between Milanote will support the project progress. FB and other advertising budget is on top of my monthly fee and you would be billed direct by the platform in your accounts as normal.
I have worked in Kajabi since the end of 2015 and am one of only 7 #kajabiambassador worldwide due to my extensive knowledge of the platform.
I have been building beautiful online businesses for clients since 2005 and mostly worked with Joomla and Wordpress before finding Kajabi. I am a strategist, designer, coder, copywriter, marketer, builder and fb geek and love each aspect of my work!

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