Hello there! I'm Malene

Is publishing a book to boost your business on your bucket list?

Join my workshop and I will share how your dream can come true much easier than you might think!

Book a session with me to work on your specific book idea or to expand on the workshop topics in the context of your business.

You can shape this session to support your business or your book creation no matter at what stage it's at.

The time is yours!

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Really we can talk about whatever you need to decide if self-publishing a book is what you want - and together we can take those first important steps that will remove mental road blocks and create a foundation for your book.

Be inspired by these possible ways to spend our time or come up with your own better question:

1. Are you and your business ready to publish a book?

2. How does a book fit into your business plan?

3. How can you use what you already have to publish a book in 90 days?

4. Who should love your book and who should not?

5. Should your book be a product or a marketing tool?

6. How should you position your book online?

7. Should people buy, download or read your book?


Who am I?

Five years ago I decided to listen to my inner Latina and went on 3 year long adventure in Latin Amerika, dancing my Salsa Cubana and becoming an online entrepreneur. This year, I run my business primary from Copenhagen to support my Peruvian man learning the totally weird Danish language so my family can see how amazing he is.

I help entrepreneurs to self-publish authority building books for their businesses. My superpowers are motivating confidence, shifting mental models and showing a doable path to success.


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