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Ten heart-centred speakers offering
hands-on workshops & bespoke one-to-ones.


Located in Beautiful Worcestershire, England


Welcome to JTW! I'm bringing together 10 speakers to support every aspect of your personal and business growth.

Come and enjoy three days in beautiful teepees with like-minded heart-centred entrepreneurs enjoying morning yoga and evening campfires and supporting your whole of life balance so your business can thrive -

Online business - strategy and marketing
Real World Mindfulness
Art - self-discovery and self-expressions
Beautiful Hand-made Jewellery
Shifting Limiting Blocks: Manifesting Freedom
Money Mindset - inner money peace
Productivity and Growth for your life and business
Personal and Business Brand Photography
Your style and image
Plant based clean living
Financial awareness - planning and budgeting
Self-publishing Books 

Are you ready for the best retreat for heart-centred business owners you have ever seen?

Imagine arriving at the teepees each morning for some light yoga, joining group workshops to share energy and expand your creativity, growing your awareness each day with our beautiful speakers, lunchtime pampering, one to one sessions shifting blocks and exploring your creativity, afternoon tea in the sunshine, learning how to grow your business to change the world, evening campfires with marshmallows!


It's a true Entrepreneurs' Festival

This event is ALL about you.
It's also about my speakers. I want to support everyone in growing their visibility and tribes and I want to nourish every aspect of your soul at my first true whole-of-soul event - I'm so focussed on both of those aspects - think of me as the facilitator, someone to bring you all together
xx love you xx

How does it work? Sign up for the JTW Retreat
Just £300 for three wonderful days!

Each month there'll be a new payment plan. If you sign up during May you'll pay over 4 months, if you sign up in June you'll pay over 3 months - I will release offers each month until August. So the earlier you sign-up the lower your monthly payment will be. I will be providing lunch and refreshments during the day.

You can upgrade your ticket to include a one-to-one session with any of our speakers for an extra £150 (full details below) and spread your payments during checkout xx

Without further ado I'd like to introduce you to my speakers.

What beautiful people they are, I'm so thrilled that they've all chosen to join me for my first ever retreat  xx

I'd like to explain how this works. I want every speaker to be valued and for them to be rewarded for their wonderful sharing and guidance at JTW. It's important that they are valued monetarily as well as emotionally so I have separated time each day for each speaker to hold one-to-one sessions with those who upgrade their ticket price to include a session and they will receive 100% of the income from those sessions.

So each speaker has created a "chat page" and these are all linked to from their bios below. These pages are designed to give you some ideas for session and workshop topics you might like to sign up for. Once you've purchased your event tickets you'll join us in the Event FB Group which is a wonderful Creative Space for you to design exactly what you want to explore with each speaker.

Jodee Peevor
building beautiful online businesses

Hi I'm Jodee, host of JTW and I'm so thrilled to welcome you all to my home to experience an amazing whole-of-soul event this September in wonderful Worcestershire, England.

I build beautiful online businesses and love to get my geek on creating the strategy and systems to support amazing sales funnels for clients all around the world. I pride myself on providing one of the few online consultancies that offers complete support for everything from idea through to launch.

I grew up in Kenya and was run over by a speedboat when I was nine but escaped by diving like the mermaid in Splash and only received minor injuries.

I bake sponge cakes that are lighter than air but don't ask me to make bread because it'll take several days and be hard enough to use as bricks!

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Malene Bendtsen

Self-publish books to build expert authority in your niche

Hi I’m Malene! Five years ago I decided to quit my well-paid corporate job. All I wanted was to see the world. After a dozen smaller vacations in Europe, I finally decided to listen to my inner Latina. I started what turned out to be a 3 year long adventure in Latin Amerika, dancing my Salsa Cubana and becoming an online entrepreneur.

I worked my way to new destinations as a business consultant and during this journey I found the piece of the puzzle I had been missing. I became the CEO of a self-publishing company in Lima, Peru and discovered how to cleverly build a link to business.

After hiking the 42km Inca trail and sand boarding in the desert of Peru, swimming with sea lions an conquering glaciers in Argentina, visiting 16 temples in Cambodia, working months from a bungalow in Thailand, dancing weeks away in Havana, I am finally back in Denmark with my Peruvian man (don’t tell my family it’s just a break from travelling!).

I am passionate about setting people free from boring jobs and I help entrepreneurs package and share their knowledge in scalable products for a bigger impact and a more profitable business. I also help them have the courage to design their business for a life they love!

I helped clients self-publish their authority building books within an average of less than 90 days from blank page to Amazon launch. Several of them achieved bestseller ranking. None of them actually wrote their book, though they did create them themselves. My mission is to tell you how to do that!


Read more about Malene's Workshops and One-to-One Sessions

Iris Fritschi-Cussens
art expression, discovery & therapy

Hi I’m Iris, I live in Bloomsbury in the heart of Central London with my husband, two kids and cat. I’m originally from The Netherlands (yes I speak Dutch!).

I’m a mixed media artist and art journaller and since 2013 I’ve enabled people to find inner knowledge, confidence and become more themselves through art.

You might be surprised to find out that I’m a huge geek (talk to me about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I wrote my dissertation on it) and I love playing board games, World of Warcraft and Dungeons & Dragons!

I’m an amazing logical thinker and I can sometimes be slow to recognise my own feelings which is why art is such an important medium for me.

Read more about Iris' Workshops and One-to-One Sessions

Abby Wilkes
personal brand photography

Hi! My name is Abby Wilkes, I am Dutch and live presently in the UK yet roam the world whenever possible

As your professional personal photographer, I see your light; it's my honour to get to reflect it back to you and help you create a life that supports you who you truly are whether it's in your personal life or for your business.

When I got pregnant I was slightly baffled to discover that my blood type is O negative, yet my dad's blood type is A-positive, my mum's is O-positive and yes, they are my parents. Turns out it only emerges once in so many generations.

I'm a great lateral thinker; when people mention dilemma's I almost feel myself going up in a helicopter, connect the jigsaws, land again and present them, if people are open to this.

On the other hand I'm really bad at sticking to one language when speaking so bear with me when we chat, you might learn some Dutch, French and German along the way.

To say that I'm so looking forward to our soulful connection is an understatement! See you in September at the event of the year!

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Rachel Hansen
money mindset coach

Hi, I'm Rachel Hansen and I live in Paris, France, although I'm originally from San Diego California.

I'm a money mindset coach and EFT expert to entrepreneurial women and creative rebelles who know outer wealth starts with inner wealth, I've been coaching since 2014.

Not very many people would guess that I'm a total introvert as I'm quite energetic when around others, but my favorite place is home with a book, hot coffee, and my dog!

I'm an avid photographer, it's one of my very favourite things to do and I've been told I'm quite good, but don't ask me to see a photo I took 2 years ago, I'm atrocious at organising them!

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Sarah Gray
personal image stylist

Hi guys, I’m Sarah and I live in Warwickshire, UK.

For the past 12 years, I have professionally helped others to look & feel fabulous and embrace their authentic selves. My Personal Styling work is done both in person and online so I help ladies near and far. Together we ensure you are dressing for you. Everything in your wardrobe suits you & works for your current lifestyle. Most importantly, your style reflects YOU.

I am proud that I can beat my husband at air hockey but please don’t ask me to participate in any other sports, I’m truly rubbish!

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Emma Sidney
productivity and change-maker

Hi I'm Emma and I used to live in the middle of England and I recently fulfilled my dream of moving to live in Exmouth by the sea!

I'm a change maker. I love to support others to implement change and to embrace my own changes.

My biggest recent change was to move to the sea, I downsized my life by 70% and since I arrived I've met my fabulous husband,Gary, who arranged for Alpacas to come to our wedding. I love them!

The first time I truly embraced the power of change was my weight-loss project. I successfully lost (and kept off) 78lb whilst also working to overcome suicidal thoughts, severe anxiety and panic attacks. I realise that there are 3 certainties in life: birth, death, and change. I love helping individuals and businesses to make change happen in a joyful, positive and practical way.

I'm naturally at my most happy when I'm working with people and supporting their organisation, systems, frameworks and strategies (it's what comes of working as an internal auditor for 14 years) but I must admit I'm not great at tidiness or cleaning, thankfully Gary likes hoovering! I also have a secret love of sci-fi and fantasy novels.

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Carol Shaw
financial awareness

Hi I’m Carol and I live and work in the West Midlands in the heart of the UK.

Although I run several businesses my heart lies in my jewellery business, Highly Strung Jewellery. I love nothing more than to create one off pieces and re home them with their new owners.

I work with semi precious gemstones, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver, titanium, copper and bronze. By also collaborating with glass bead making artisans I am able to produce some gloriously beautiful items.

I attend a few select artisans and craft fairs and love to give demonstrations and host workshops sharing my skills.

I'm a whizz at time management and juggling lots and lots of plates without dropping any. However, I'm a disaster when it comes to ironing and I have yet to be re-acquainted with the bottom of my ironing basket!

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Emma Dredge

Hi I’m Emma from Solihull in the West Midlands, l teach people to use Mindfulness, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnosis, timeline therapy, self-care and humour to find their inner Woo-hoo without all the Woo-woo.

​A few years ago I completely lost my mojo (and quite possibly my sanity) and in my quest to return to being mostly sane (too sane is boring) I discovered lots of cool things that helped me find the awesome in myself again. I now show others how to find their inner happiness so they can live their version of an awesome life.

I once lived in a Kibbutz in Israel, swam with wild dolphins in New Zealand and jumped out of a plane in Australia. I can talk about anything to anyone at any time but rarely know when to shut up (hey I’m working on it!)

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Rachel Leigh-Janney
plant-based lifestyle coach

Hello, I'm Rachel, originally from the small market town of Stone, I now live with my Husband & 3 year old son in Solihull.

I'm here to share with the world how amazing the flavours and textures can be from a clean plant-based lifestyle.

Even though I spent most of my time as a child on my Grandparents dairy farm, I knew from a young age that I would be journeying a new path! For the past 9 years I've dedicated much of my personal time to learning about different foods types and the impact it has upon us.

I now transform peoples lives through Cookery Classes & Workshops along with One to Ones. As much as people come to me to talk about food, we soon learn that it is never about food, it's about the emotion behind food!

When I'm not making yummy recipes you can find me with my little family at our allotment!

I'm musically tone deaf so I keep my singing to the shower only!!!!

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Iona Russell
shifting blocks: manifesting freedom

Hi I’m Iona and I live in Edinburgh with my teenage son and our 2 incredibly energetic spaniels.

It is my core philosophy that no matter who you are, where you’re from or what your personal circumstances YOU CAN manifest a Soul Full life that you LOVE, Free to be Yourself. Free from Emotional, Physical and Energetic Blocks. I am  here to help you to Shift your Blocks and Give you the Freedom to be YOU in all areas of your life! I’ve helped clients to release their blocks, overcome negative habits and beliefs such as, binge eating, lack of confidence, depression and feelings of ‘being stuck’, and self sabotage. I’ve been  referred to as a wizard who does magic without the illusions.

I have an adventurous streak - I’ve jumped out of a plane at 10,000 in Hawaii, flown through the Himalayas in a microlight plane and have walked up the side of a live volcano in Guatemala and toasted marshmallows on it’s  molten hot lava. Oh and I started out life on a farm in the Welsh mountains, with lots of goats.

I love to laugh, usually at myself, but I am terrible at telling jokes. If you ask me to tell you a joke I might just have to share the one about ‘what’s big, round and orange’? Plus I am awful at solo FB lives, which you will see once you are in the private Facebook group. But I do laugh at my self… a lot!

I can’t wait to meet you at this Fabulous Retreat,.

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